Vote NO on Measure A

Opponents of Measure A

Measure A claims to be provide environmental benefits. However, the Sierra Club OFFICIALLY OPPOSES Measure A. Listed below are a few of the people and organizations that oppose Measure A:

Name Affiliation
Sierra Club  
Judy Chu Azusa representative, 32nd Congressional District
Joe Rocha Current mayor, City of Azusa
Cristina Cruz Madrid Former mayor, City of Azusa
Eugene Moses Former mayor, City of Azusa
Xilonin Cruz-Gonzalez Board Member, Azusa Unified School District
Jorge RosalesAzusa City Council Candidate
Paul NaccahianAzusa City Council Candidate
Madelyn PayneAzusa City Council Candidate
Jeri VogelMember, Azusa Chamber of Commerce
Bruce KnolesAzusa Cultural & Historic Preservation Commissioner
Richard Deem Senior Researcher/Specialist, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Raudel AcunaAzusa resident
Richard AgcamaranAzusa resident
Veronica AguirreAzusa resident
Mark/Luisa AlonzoAzusa resident
Chris AmersonAzusa resident
Roger/Marsha ArmstrongAzusa resident
Luis ArredondoAzusa resident
Anita AvilaAzusa resident
Ray AyonAzusa resident
Pam BallantyneAzusa resident
Rene BaquetAzusa resident
Miravel BelenAzusa resident
Bev BellahAzusa resident
William BosierAzusa resident
Erika BosierAzusa resident
Chris BowmanAzusa resident
Robert BrammerAzusa resident
Margien BurnsAzusa resident
Jerry CarlsonAzusa resident
BG CasasAzusa resident
Joe CasasAzusa resident
Laurie CastilloAzusa resident
Miguel CastilloAzusa resident
Michael CedillosAzusa resident
Grace ChangAzusa resident
Laura ChristensonAzusa resident
Alexander ConnellyAzusa resident
Jessica ContrerasAzusa resident
Shelley CorralAzusa resident
Michael CorralAzusa resident
Andrea CruzAzusa resident
DanielAzusa resident
John DeDonckerAzusa resident
Carole DeemAzusa resident
Matthew DeemAzusa resident
Jena DemonicaAzusa resident
Marion DennisAzusa resident
Amanda DesmukeAzusa resident
Jose DiazAzusa resident
John DierkingAzusa resident
Mary DoddAzusa resident
Aaron DonahueAzusa resident
William EaglesonAzusa resident
Robert EastmanAzusa resident
Denis FernandezAzusa resident
Jason ForsterAzusa resident
Daniel ForsterAzusa resident
Marilyn ForsterAzusa resident
Daniel FoxAzusa resident
Asong FuAzusa resident
James FuentesAzusa resident
Vickie GarciaAzusa resident
Julie GoldsteinAzusa resident
Mike GomezAzusa resident
Soraya GonzalezAzusa resident
Laura HannaAzusa resident
Sean HardmanAzusa resident
Dolores HartleyAzusa resident
John HeAzusa resident
Stevie HeathAzusa resident
Solomon Hernandez, Jr.Azusa resident
Jack HomplandAzusa resident
Teresa HookerAzusa resident
Jenny HuffAzusa resident
Max HwangAzusa resident
Debbie HwangAzusa resident
Samuel HwangAzusa resident
Joy HwangAzusa resident
Carol IrwinAzusa resident
Gabriel KartouchAzusa resident
Luiza KartouchAzusa resident
Eric KnolesAzusa resident
Karen KomesuAzusa resident
Nani KomintasAzusa resident
Alexander KoopsAzusa resident
Peter LaubeAzusa resident
Daniela LaubeAzusa resident
Chevy LedesmaAzusa resident
Genesis LeivaAzusa resident
Linda LiejardiAzusa resident
Lilliane LoaizaAzusa resident
Carlos LopezAzusa resident
Lisa LudoviciAzusa resident
Maria ManzanaresAzusa resident
Stephen ManzanaresAzusa resident
Richard MartinAzusa resident
Cinthya MartinezAzusa resident
Kathy MeltonAzusa resident
Debra MendezAzusa resident
Jennifer MetreAzusa resident
Michael MillerAzusa resident
Amanda MontoyaAzusa resident
Shawneen MoretAzusa resident
Alexandra MotaAzusa resident
Shirley MuseAzusa resident
Shawn NashAzusa resident
Cheryl NickellAzusa resident
Robert NickellAzusa resident
Hayley NickellAzusa resident
Ryan NickellAzusa resident
Chad NickellAzusa resident
Landon NickellAzusa resident
Lorrie NixonAzusa resident
Maria PadillaAzusa resident
Dexter PowellAzusa resident
Molly R.Azusa resident
Juanita RaymerAzusa resident
Ozzie RicoAzusa resident
Dina RubioAzusa resident
Gloria RubioAzusa resident
Robert RubioAzusa resident
Kim RysellAzusa resident
Louis SaldadoAzusa resident
Liz SalseAzusa resident
Richard T SalseAzusa resident
Michael/Jackie ThomasAzusa resident
Jason TorresAzusa resident
Julia TorresAzusa resident
Terrie TroyAzusa resident
Janet WightAzusa resident
Denise ZappenAzusa resident